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LINE is a new communication app which allows you to send FREE messages and stickers.
Enjoyed by more than 170 million users worldwide, in over 230 countries! 
No. 1 free app in 47 countries.

・Express yourself using unique and fun stickers. 
・Send photos and sticker messages easily. 
・Available for PCs.

If you have problems downloading from Ovi Store, please download from our website:

Download Ovi Store

Nokia C3 Game Racing Rustle

Racing Rustle is a 2D car racing game where you race with ‘Cool’ looking cars. The players can race in the “Hot Chase” mode to get chased by cops and run away with the car. Feel the thrill of high speed chase in traffic, desert, and moon light races. Racing Rustle is all about speed and arcade-style racing with a heart throbbing sound track. Fans will discover unique tracks and environments.

Nokia c3 Game BirdHunterpro

Get ready to help Rob who is on a mission to blow the birds who have planned to destroy his farms. You have to help Rob by blowing up birds using darts. Try to blow as many birds as required to go to next level. Darts do not carry over from level to level. Look out for special birds, eggs and have fun discovering what they all do. Some objects may help or block you from your target. You will have to complete 50 levels to win the game

Nokia c3 Game Brave

Brave: The Video Game is based on the Disney-Pixar movie of the same name. It is a third-person action-adventure game where you play as both the movie's and game's protagonist, Merida. She's a fiery, red-headed Princess from Scotland who is impressive with a bow and doesn't want to live by society's normal rules. Give her hand away in marriage?! No way! It follows along the same story as the movie; while I don't want to give away spoilers (for those of you planning on seeing it), it involves a spell, a witch and a bunch of bears with the backdrop of mythical Scotland. Is Brave a bullseye, or does this ginger lack a soul?

Nokia C3 Game Jewel Explosion

The aim of the game is to line up the same coloured gems in a row. Arrange three or more gems together to make them vanish. Line up four or more of the same coloured gems and create a 'Jewel Explosion' that destroys everything around it. Line up five gems and a 'Spectrum Gem' appears and explodes every gem of the same colour on the board. Create chains in the shape of the letters 'L' or 'T' and receive a 'Cross Gem' that explodes all gems in the same row and column.

Nokia c3 Game Ferrari GT 3: World Track

Not all of us can afford a luxury car, much less a Ferrari. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to drive one? To get inside one? To even see one?

Wonder no more, because Gameloft and Sun Cellular Value-Added Services brings you the definitive Ferrari experience two full weeks ahead of the rest, as Ferrari GT3: World Track, the third installment of the critically-acclaimed Ferrari GT mobile game series, takes you to a higher level of style and speed – right at your fingertips!

Ferrari GT3: World Track gives you the chance to drive one of 57 authentic Ferrari models, spanning over 50 years of racing history. Race across 10 exclusive tracks from amazing locations all over the world – ranging from the beaches of Sydney to the vibrant streets of Miami. And for the first time ever in a mobile game, get a chance to race around Fioriano, Ferrari’s own test track.

The series takes on a new approach on obtaining and managing your vehicles with the all-new Auction Mode, allowing you to buy and sell your vehicles for depending on specific “Stars” requirements (the in game currency) or “Fame” levels (which you gain from winning races and other events).

With new and improved game and graphic engines, a huge variety of Ferrari models to choose from, and 9 event types across 10 different locales, Ferrari GT3: World Track is the experience racing fans have all been waiting for.

Be the first across the finish line in Ferrari GT3: World Track through Sun Cellular’s Value-Added Services NOW!

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